The Causes of Obesity – How Do People Really Become Obese? – Obesity

Obesity is a condition wherein the body has too much body fat which can endanger one’s health. There are many conditions which can be developed because of obesity. Examples of illnesses caused by obesity are heart diseases, arthritis, stroke, sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes. Many people suffer from obesity and according to studies being done the number of obese people will continue to rise. To solve this problem, several organizations such as the American Obesity Association are exerting effort to develop new and effective treatments. In addition, many health organizations are also doing their part to educate people about obesity. Although there are effective treatments of obesity, many doctors strongly recommend the prevention of obesity. For this to happen, people should be aware of the causes of obesity so that they can do something about them.Unhealthy diet and eating habits:Humans need to eat in order to have energy to function well. The food that people are broken down and used to supply what their body needs. The problem is when people eat too much especially in the case of carbohydrates and fat, the body does not use all them and thus they are stored in the body as fat or calories. Since fats and carbohydrates are the main culprits to obesity, individuals who love eating foods rich in carbohydrates and fat are likely to become obese. Examples are red meat, dairy products, sweet foods and sweetened drinks. Aside from eating unhealthy foods, having improper eating habits will also contribute to obesity. Ideally people should only eat three times a day unless they are doing heavy work. However, these days some people cannot stop eating. Many do not eat regularly. Instead, busy people prefer to eat only when they have the time to do so which is very unhealthy. Eating in between meals can also cause obesity. All these unhealthy eating habits are causes of obesity.Sedentary Lifestyle:Due to advancement in technology, many people do not need to exert much effort in their work and even at home. There are many machines which can do people’s job. Technology has many advantages; however it also has its negative effects, one of which is the development of obesity. A sedentary lifestyle causes obesity because when people do not move, the body does not burn the stored energy in the body. As a result, the stored energy turns into fat. Inactivity and lack of exercise are all related to a sedentary lifestyle. The problem with sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits is that these two are usually the most difficult causes of obesity to overcome.Other factors:Other causes of obesity include hormonal imbalances especially for women, environmental factors, genetics or family history and emotional problems. All these factors can also cause obesity when they are not addressed properly.Prevention:Knowing the causes of obesity is necessary. What is more important is to do something about them so that people do not become obese. For example, those who have a family history of obesity should do their best to eat healthily and live an active life since they are more prone to obesity.

Childhood Obesity Has Become An Epidemic in America and Around the World – Obesity

Obesity is not just a problem of adults. These days many children are also obese. Obesity in children is measured through the percentile body mass index instead of the body max index which is used for adults. According to obesity statistics, childhood obesity has tripled in the last three decades and childhood obesity is on the rise until now. The dangers of childhood obesity are also increasing. This is the reason why many childhood obesity grants are being given to several organizations. These organizations usually do a lot of studies and researches to come up with the best ways to prevent and treat childhood obesity.Causes of childhood obesityThere are several causes of childhood obesity. Just like in adults, improper eating habits are also a major factor. Children who are fond of eating junk foods and fast foods will probably become obese. Excessive snacking is very common among children these days. Parents sometimes do not have the time to prepare healthy snacks for their children. Instead, parents just buy processed and prepared snacks for their children but these are usually rich in fats and sugar which causes obesity. Children also do not eat their meals. Instead they choose to eat in between meals which is also a contributing factor to weight gain. The fast food diet is also very common among children.Another cause of obesity in children is the lack of exercise. Children these days prefer watching TV or playing computer games instead of going out to play outdoor activities. Because of this, calories are not burned and thus they are converted to fats. Many children do not participate in physical activities such ac sports. These factors can all lead to obesity in children.Family, genetics and environmental influence can also cause obesity in children. Some children are born into families which are prone to obesity. Some children are also affected by maternal conditions such as gestational diabetes which can also lead to obesity. In addition, when a child grows in a family or environment wherein the adults do not have healthy eating habits, the child will probably become obese.PreventionThere are many ways childhood obesity can be prevented. Promoting a healthy diet will definitely help. Many organizations support healthy food campaigns to help parents and children become healthier. Parents play an important role in preventing obesity. Parents should be good role models to their children. Mothers should prepare healthy snacks and food for their children. In addition, they should monitor their children’s eating habits. Encouraging children to become involved in physical activities will also help.Parents should do outdoor activities with their children such as playing sports, walking and hiking. Children and parents should join obesity prevention programs. Some schools and organizations also offer childhood obesity counseling. Parents with overweight children should encourage their children to be counseled. Remember, obesity is not just a physical problem; it is also an emotional problem. For children who are already obese, there are many childhood obesity solutions they can choose from. However, even with the presence of these solutions, preventing the occurrence of obesity in children is still much better.