The Effects of Obesity – An Almost Unlimited Number of Health Problems Associated With the Obese – Obesity

Obesity is defined as a condition wherein the body has too much fat. Obesity is measured by reference to the Body Mass Index (BMI). There are three levels of obesity: mild obesity (BMI of 30+), morbid obesity (BMI of 40+) and malignant obesity (BMI of 50+). It is very alarming to know that more than 40 million of Americans are overweight. Based on obesity statistics, the obesity rate is continuously increasing every year. These obesity facts are indeed alarming because of the negative effects of obesity.Diseases Caused by ObesityThere are many bad effects of obesity to the health. Obesity can lead to the development of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis and type II diabetes. When these diseases develop and obesity is not addressed, it can lead to an earlier death. Statistics show that 80 % of type 2 diabetes is caused by obesity. In addition, obesity is also a major factor in the development of 42 % of colon and breast cancer. Furthermore, 70% of heart diseases are also related to obesity. Arthritis is also developed by obese people because the bones and the muscles cannot handle the added weight. Thirty percent of gall bladder surgery is also caused by obesity. These statistical findings are evidences that obesity is a very dangerous and life threatening condition.Emotional EffectsAside from the physical effects of obesity, the mental or emotional effect should also be addressed. Sometimes the emotional effect is actually more difficult to deal with as compared to the physical effects. Obese people usually have low self-esteem which will greatly affect their personal and social life. They usually do not have many friends and they often experienced being ridiculed or embarrassed by others. Some of them cannot live a normal life because of their condition. They are shy and they do not want to interact with other people because of their fear that they might be ridiculed. Sometimes this can also lead to psychological problems when an obese person does not have a good support system. The emotional effects are sometimes neglected by many but this should not be the case. They should understand that they sometimes over eat because this is their response to emotional stress.Other EffectsOther detrimental effects of obesity include changes in a person’s body function. For instance, an obese person will probably have respiratory problems. Hormonal imbalances can also develop. In addition, they will usually feel fatigue, lethargic and they usually do not have much energy. Obese people are more likely to die earlier also. Death can be caused by the condition itself or it can also be due to the fatal conditions developed due to obesity.The good thing is there is hope. As statistics also show, obesity is a preventable disease and many were able to successfully beat the disease and its effects. There are many obesity treatment options such as having a healthy diet and taking weight loss pills. In addition, there are several surgical procedures such as gastric bypass which can help treat obesity. There are many obesity articles people can read to help them cope with this condition.